Pam Brems

Mansour Center Director
770-701-0315, ext. 3

Pam was a charter member of the Mansour Conference Center team. She was, in fact, the only member of that team nearly 9 years ago! From developing marketing materials and raising community awareness of the Mansour Conference Center to setting pricing, policies and service offerings, Pam brought together the best practices of many area venues, making the Mansour Conference Center today the “go to” venue for corporate events in Cobb County. Pam’s experience in guest service and event coordination those first couple years cemented her commitment to customer care and colored her selection of the Mansour Conference Center team, making it one of the best in the business.

Laurie joined the Mansour Conference Center team within months of its opening as a conference center, over 8 years ago. Serving as an event coordinator for two plus years, Laurie brought her experience as an entrepreneur to the role, setting a high bar for customer care and satisfaction. Her extensive management experience at Home Depot served her well, as she took on the role of oversight for all of maintenance, custodial services and event coordination. Laurie handles pressure with poise and readily jumps in to ensure every event is a success.

Kim Vitale

Event Coordinator
770-701-0315, ext. 1

Bringing an unbridled work ethic and impressive entrepreneurial spirit to her position as an event coordinator, Kim joined the Mansour Conference Center team 6 years ago. Kim displays professionalism at every turn, embodying the core values of the Mansour Center. Her commitment to personalized care and exceptional customer service garner rave reviews from every customer she touches. Her goal for every event: to anticipate and satisfy every need while always striving to surprise and delight our guests.