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Can we bring in our own food? Can we use our own caterer?

Food and beverages for all corporate and weekday events must be arranged by the Mansour Conference Center event management team. Guests planning social events are encouraged to arrange for their own catering; however, this must be provided by one of the Mansour Center Preferred Caterers. Homemade or “pot luck” items are prohibited at the Mansour Conference Center.

Do you have Wifi available?

Wifi is available throughout the Mansour Conference Center at no charge. The Mansour Conference Center event manager serving your event will be happy to provide the login and password for presenters and attendees upon arrival at the Center.

How do I book space at the Mansour Center?

Once you have identified the banquet or classroom(s) and any additional services needed with the help of one of our event managers, you will receive a booking confirmation and a rental policy for review and signature. When these signed documents have been received, along with payment of 50% of room rental fees, the booking is confirmed.

Do you have a projector we can use? What do we need to bring to use it?

Most of our rooms have ceiling-mounted projectors available for rent, which can show any presentations played on a laptop. The Mansour Conference Center has laptops available for rent, or you may bring your own. You need not bring anything further, other than an adapter, if you are using an Apple/MAC.
It is advisable to bring your presentation on a flash drive, just in case your laptop is not compatible with the Mansour Center projectors. In this way, the presentation can be transferred to a Mansour Conference Center laptop and then to the screen.
If the classroom you are using does not have a ceiling-mounted projector, a portable projector is available for rent.
When using Mansour Conference Center equipment, a Mansour Conference Center event manager will always be available to assist with the connection of the laptop or device to the projector.

Do you have a dance floor or stage?

The Mansour Conference Center does not have a dance floor or stage. Our carpet is very low pile, so movement on it is easy. Guests are welcome to rent a dance floor for their events, so long as drop off and pick up times are confirmed with your Mansour Conference Center event manager prior to the events. Your event manager will be happy to refer reputable rental companies from which to rent dance floors, stages, and other equipment you might need.

What time can I get into the room I rented?

Your access time to the Center is included in the booking confirmation, so be sure to consider this when reviewing this document during the booking process. Always be sure to include enough time for delivery, setup, decorating and removal of items after the event when setting the parameters for your event. Rental rates are based on the number of hours of access given to the Center, so adding hours prior to your event after the confirmation has been received will likely result in additional charges.

Will staff be there when I arrive and during my event?

Yes. A Mansour Conference Center staff member will be present for all events, greeting you upon arrival, attending to your needs during the event, and seeing you out at the completion of your event.

Will there be enough parking spaces for my guests and attendees? Is there a fee for parking?

The Mansour Conference Center parking lot is comprised of 190 spaces, which includes the lots on the south and west sides of the building, plus the employee parking at the rear of the building (which can be used for overflow parking). Additionally, the parking lot across Gresham Street to the north is available for Mansour Conference Center guests, as is the lot across Sibley to the east. Some street parking is also available on the east side of the building. All parking is provided at no charge.
Click here for directions.

Who is responsible for cleaning the banquet room when my party ends?

This question applies to social events only. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove all of their materials at the end of the event, ensuring that all trash remaining is removed from the building and placed in the dumpster provided. Any large trash items on the floor should be removed, but you are not responsible for vacuuming or cleaning tables. The kitchen should be left in the condition in which it was found, with all party items and leftover food removed.

Can we decorate the room?

Certainly. We do have some restrictions regarding decorating, which can be found in our Social Event Policy. Generally, nothing can be used to decorate which will damage the facility or create a cleaning challenge above and beyond standard. So, we ask that you refrain from using glitter, rice, confetti, bubbles, nailing or tacking objects or banners to the wall. Up lighting, pipe and drape, table linens and centerpieces are all excellent décor options. Balloons may be used, provided they are firmly anchored.

Do you have a business center where we can make copies and send faxes?

We do not have a business center; however, your event manager will be happy to help you with a few copies or fax, should the need arise.

How many attendees can fit in the room?

Each of our rooms is a different size with a different capacity. Additionally, your room setup will determine the number of guests who will be comfortable in the room. The room capacities for each room in the various standard arrangements can be found here.

Can we reconfigure the room?

Each room has a standard, or default, arrangement. However, we are happy to customize the room setup to your specifications. (Some room setup changes will result in an additional fee.) If you choose to change the room layout on the day of your event, we may not have setup staff available to assist in the moving of tables and chairs. It is strongly advised that your room layout be carefully thought out prior to your event, to avoid last minute changes. But of course, should changes be needed, we will do everything we can to assist.

We are a nonprofit. Do we get a discount?

Nonprofit and governmental agencies are offered a discounted rate for events held on a weekday or weekday evening (with the exception of Friday evenings). This discount is generally 20%. Discounted rates are not available for weekend events. Click here to view our pricing.

If I bring my own projector and laptop, may I plug into your sound system?

No, we do not have that capability. For your presentation to be played through our sound system, we must connect a laptop (yours or ours) to our ceiling-mounted projector.

Do your conference center package prices include room rental charges? What about service charges?

Our Conference Center Packages are all inclusive. That is, the price per person includes the room rental fee, all AV services needed, and all food and beverages included in the package. There are no additional service changes. The only additional charge is 6% sales tax.

Where are you located in relation to Atlanta? How far from the Marietta Square?

The Mansour Conference Center is approximately 20 miles north of the Georgia State Capital in the heart of Atlanta or 7 miles north of the perimeter (I-285). We are minutes from I-75 off exit 263. Click here for detailed directions.

Located in the heart of Cobb County, the Mansour Conference Center is minutes from the Marietta Square, where many great restaurants and entertainment can be found, and one block from the infamous Big Chicken at the corner of Roswell and Cobb Parkway/Hwy 41.

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  • Kit Trensch, Director of Development
    Southern Polytechnic State University
    “The Mansour Conference Center is a fantastic location and facility for meetings for our organization, and I’m sure you will find it equally as productive for your company or organization.”
  • Susie Ivy
    WFN Consulting Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications
    "WFN Consulting was thrilled to host our company's annual "State of the Company" event at the Mansour Conference Center last month! The facility and it's team are top notch... Hosting a corporate function at the Center is the best combination of cost effective event planning and corporate philanthropy as the funds go back into the facility and support the charities housed there. We will be back!"
  • Joy Johnson, Executive Coach/Business Consultant
    Growth Mindset
    “The Mansour Conference Center is a great venue for meetings. We have had large and small meetings and workshops there and all were handled by the Mansour Conference Center staff perfectly. They are very reasonably priced and you can pat yourself on the back for doing good for the community.”