Last night, August 19, something truly inspirational occurred in the Mansour Center. Aimee Copeland shared her story with 100+ women and men. And all 100+ women and men were captivated. As many recall, Aimee contracted a flesh-eating bacteria after a zip line accident in May of 2012. As a result, Aimee traded both feet, both hands and one leg in exchange for her life. And now she is making that life count. Although in pain every moment of her life now, Aimee continues to squeeze every bit of living into that life. She joined us after a 1.5 mile WALK that morning, using her prostheses and the aid of a crutch; drove herself to the event at the Mansour Center; and spends many hours each month advocating for children and adults with disabilities through her work on several nonprofit boards. Additionally, Aimee speaks to groups like ours at least a couple of times each month to share her story and raise the funds needed to complete her second masters degree, this one at Valdosta State. Aimee has huge plans for the future and judging by her past accomplishments, nothing – absolutely nothing – will keep her from achieving them. For a full account of the evening’s events, check out the story in the Marietta Daily Journal by clicking here.