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Hosting an event?

marietta ga event center

Want to know what drives your venue staff CRAZY?! Not knowing!!!  It’s the absolute worst to learn AFTER an event about something that wasn’t up to expectation, wasn’t working, or just didn’t suit you.  We really do want to know ASAP if something isn’t quite right. We do the best we can to anticipate your…

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Celebrating excellence!

Several years ago, Balfour Beatty, an international construction firm, “adopted” The Center for Family Resources (CFR) and the Mansour Center. The support and expertise they have provided are nothing short of extraordinary! As a nonprofit, social services agency, CFR excels at helping families remove the barriers keeping them in financial crisis. CFR is really, really…

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Collaboration makes sense

The Mansour Center exists as a multi-tenant nonprofit center because 10+ years ago, some wise Center for Family Resources (CFR) board members embraced the concept of collaboration.  They envisioned the advantages of co-locating many agencies, each providing services to low income families, thereby making each of them more accessible to those who need their help.…

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With Special Events, It’s all About the Little Things

So, when it comes to hosting an event, be it for social or business purposes, details matter.  When done right, they likely go unnoticed…but forget that small bowl for the discarded sweetener wrappers and coffee stirrers, and within minutes your beverage table resembles the fraternity house’s kitchen countertop midway through the rush party.  Ick.  Sugar…

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Doesn't It Drive You Crazy?

When the Mansour Center started hosting meetings and events eight or so years ago, we were like any small business I suspect…making it up as we went along.  The beautiful thing about that is the opportunity to do it the way you wish others did it.  Address all those things that “drive you crazy” as…

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Who Owns the Mansour Center?

We hear this question rather often, and we love telling our story!  The Center for Family Resources (CFR) owns and operates the Mansour Center.  CFR has been helping Cobb County residents facing financial difficulties for 54 years, working to stabilize and empower those families to become self-sufficient.  The Mansour Center provides an important piece of…

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I have a room reserved on a specific date and time. What’s next?

Sometimes it seems the details associated with holding a meeting or presenting a workshop or seminar are endless.  And we all know what details offer…lots of chances for mistakes, and consequently lots of stress. It’s no secret that the best way to avoid these mistakes and the stress associated with events is to do your…

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How can I hold this meeting on a budget?

As a nonprofit conference center with a good portion of our clients being nonprofits, we truly understand the need to sometimes “do it on the cheap.”   While there is still some truth to the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” several small, seemingly insignificant choices in the planning stages may seriously affect your…

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