Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 6, has been a resident agency in the Mansour Center since 2005, and they continue to do impressive work for our community. As an organization made up entirely of volunteers, this group really makes things happen…primarily among those folks needing help the most…but often invisible in the community. This seems like a good time to share a bit of what they have been doing recently to serve others.

During this past year, the DAV has identified a new challenge: wounded female veterans who are single parents in need of help. The television and newspapers don’t typically cover the story, but these folks are in serious need. 75% of the money the DAV receives goes toward services, primarily to people like these women. In early August, the DAV received a grant from Sam’s, which was immediately used to support veterans and their family members in need.

In September alone, 39 DAV officers and members contributed 1,132 hours of community service directly helping veterans and their families. That number far exceeds every other chapter in the state and other veterans service organizations. We are truly fortunate to have these amazing men and women serving the veterans in our community. Many, many thanks to all of you!