When the Mansour Center started hosting meetings and events eight or so years ago, we were like any small business I suspect…making it up as we went along.  The beautiful thing about that is the opportunity to do it the way you wish others did it.  Address all those things that “drive you crazy” as a consumer.

Some of the items high on our consumer pet peeve list:

  • “Nickel and diming” you to death….every little thing costs a little bit more, making for an unpleasant surprise when the bill shows up.
  • Impossibly difficult to find pricing without speaking with someone…can I just see if the place is even in my price range?  Why are there no prices on line?
  • A lack of concern or regard for my needs when the venue is unavailable…no effort to refer elsewhere or problem solve.
  • Outrageous charges for audio visual equipment.  Really?  That projector costs HOW much to rent for 2 hours?
  • Cookie cutter service – no flexibility for my special needs.

And so, of course, as we were “making it up,” we took great care to avoid these things.  You will find none of these irritants when considering the Mansour Center for your event.

Underlying it all is clear communication, empathy for the customer, and a commitment to moving beyond customer service and into customer care.  And that is only possible with outstanding staff who love what they do and what we stand for.  Kudos to the best in the business, and many thanks to Laurie Bertrand for her 7+ years of service and Kim Vitale for her nearly 5 years.  We have a dynamite team who have been there and done that…they know what works and love seeing it all come together for the customer. You will love working with them when planning your next event!