marietta ga event center

Want to know what drives your venue staff CRAZY?!

Not knowing!!!  It’s the absolute worst to learn AFTER an event about something that wasn’t up to expectation, wasn’t working, or just didn’t suit you.  We really do want to know ASAP if something isn’t quite right. We do the best we can to anticipate your every need, but truly every client is different with a unique set of expectations and needs.

Our sincere goal is to over deliver, and learning about something that wasn’t right two days later or a week later or even a month later is just the worst.  It’s too late to fix it!  So, if we could advise folks on just one thing related to events, it’s this:  Don’t hesitate to let your needs be known both before and during your event.

The Mansour Conference Center staff has your back and we really are there to make you look good.  You will always be given a means of contacting us during your event, usually a cell number for texting or calling the staff member assigned to your event.  Don’t hesitate to use it!  We may seem busy or occupied, and we may in fact be busy, but we will respond and we will address your concern just as soon as we possibly can. And we will be so thankful you let us know!

There are a lot of details involved with hosting an event, so we have all got to work together to ensure all the bases are covered.  Let us make you look good.  It makes our day, and hopefully yours!