Sometimes it seems the details associated with holding a meeting or presenting a workshop or seminar are endless.  And we all know what details offer…lots of chances for mistakes, and consequently lots of stress.

It’s no secret that the best way to avoid these mistakes and the stress associated with events is to do your homework in advance and plan until you just can’t plan anymore.  Consider everything you could possibly need PRIOR to arriving at your venue, and share that information with your venue guest services contact.  Some things to consider:

  • Are you interested in serving any food or beverages during your event?  If so, what did you have in mind and what times would you like them to be served?
  • Will you need to rent any audio visual equipment, or will you need any assistance with setting up your own audio visual equipment?  Or will you need special tables or stands?
  • Do you anticipate any need for a phone line and speaker phone for guests to “virtually attend” your meeting via phone?
  • Do you need any additional tables or chairs, as in a registration table outside the door with chairs for registrars or a materials table near the speaker’s podium for notes, water, remote control or other items?
  • Will you need an extension cord for your laptop to keep it charged, or will you need an electronic device charging “station” near an outlet with multiple electrical connections for your guests throughout the day?
  • If you or your presenter will use power point for a presentation, is it on a flash drive, just in case YOUR laptop is not compatible with the venue’s projector?
  • Will you have sufficient copies of materials or have you checked with the venue in advance about access to copying facilities?
  • Will you need note pads and/or pens for your attendees, and is this something the venue will provide?  What about name tags?


This list is certainly not exhaustive, but maybe some of these will ring a bell and save you a little stress when planning your next event.  Truly professional venue staff will anticipate these items and others and discuss them with you in advance.  And the absolute best will anticipate your needs before they even cross your mind.