conference and event center Marietta Ga

For conferences and events, you require a place full of facilities. Spacious rooms, technical support can make your meetings successful. For corporate meetings and social events, you need a large space for all your guests and invitees. Otherwise, your events may look like an uncomfortable gathering.

Mansour conference and event center Marietta Ga has a great space for all your events and conferences. They are offering free services and superb technical support. Their spacious rooms are perfect for any type of social events and meetings. In the Cobb County, Atlanta GA, you can get the finest rooms for all kinds of events and conferences. Some great facilities of this center are discussed below.

Why Mansour center is a great choice for you?

1. Spacious Rooms For All Kinds of Events and Conferences      Without spacious rooms, your meetings may be uncomfortable. For this reason, Mansour center has rooms with different sizes. They have 1404 Sq ft rooms ( 32 to 126 people), 2808 sq ft rooms ( 64 to 220 people), 760 Sq ft rooms ( 24 to 60 people), 408 Sq ft rooms (10 to 12 people), 999 sq ft rooms ( 30 to 80 people).     They have an 8000 Sq ft space for meetings. Moreover, they have 8 different rooms for all kinds of conferences. Their banquet rooms are for social events and weddings. For these social events, they can provide rooms for 300 people.

2. Technical Support      The Mansour center offers high-quality technical support for all your conferences and events. They have projectors and large TVs in every conference room. Apart from that, they are offering free Wi-Fi service for your meetings. You can also have their technical support for any kind of social events. Their expert team is always ready to help you with all types of technical supports.

3. Packages and Pricing      They have 5 different packages for social events and conferences. Their packages start from as low as $18. You can get 8 hours to manage your events. 8 hour is a long time to complete your conferences and meetings.      Their platinum package is the best one. You can get technical support, breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon break for snacks, and 30 guests for your corporate meetings. They have more packages like Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages.     For social events, you can get rooms with 300 guest capacity. They never overcharge their services. Hence all of their packages are available at a reasonable rate.

4. Foods      Their catering service offers delicious foods. Their food menu is full of versatile dishes and their foods are   of excellent quality. They offer breakfast, launch, snacks, and beverages. For the wedding events, they have continental and some exclusive dishes. You can get BBQ, pizza and more variety of foods. Your guests will be surely pleased to have such nice dishes.

5. More Facilities      The Mansour center has a large space for parking and it’s a free service. They are also providing some fun games and events for entertainment purposes.

They have over 25 year’s experience. Their team is dedicated and experienced. They will help you to execute your events and conferences perfectly.      The Mansour conference and event center Marietta GA has a philanthropic purpose. They donate money to support the helpless people. For any kind of conference and social events, you should contact them ( Their services won’t disappoint you.