One of our agencies made a big difference to four local students this Christmas


You may not have heard of them, but The Gift of Music Foundation is one of the Mansour Conference Center’s newer resident agencies, having just joined us in the fall of 2016. Their mission: “To provide essential resources to support music programs and education for youth, ensuring that music continues to play a vital role in enriching our lives.” One of the biggest ways they do that is making sure that local students who want to study and play music have a chance to do so.

To that end, The Gift of Music Foundation participated in the FISH Christmas Wish last month with the 104.7 the FISH radio station, and scanned thousands of submitted wishes to find musical instrument requests that the organization could fill. Now, four local kids from struggling families have an instrument of their own to learn, practice and perfect: a happy and healthy outlet for any kid!

Take a look at the difference they’ve made in these kids’ lives this past holiday season:


Baylee lived with her mother, father and two other siblings in a one-room “extended stay motel”. They had lost their home due to a job loss last year, and though Baylee knew money was tight, she wanted a guitar more than anything. At eight years old, she’s already writing songs. In addition to the acoustic guitar provided by The Gift of Music Foundation, the FISH Christmas Wish fund added $1,500 for a rental deposit for a permanent new home, and $500 in gift cards for Christmas!


Meagan’s family lives in a very small home and struggles to get by. The one thing she wanted more than anything else was a banjo; Meagan just loves bluegrass music! The Gift of Music Foundation provided a new banjo, case, and accessories including instructional DVDs for beginning banjo players. The FISH chipped in $500 in gift cards as well.


Hannah’s entire family was living in a travel trailer in their driveway after their Louisiana home was destroyed in the massive flooding last summer. Hannah lost all of her musical instruments in the flood (including her beloved flute), and because her family did not have flood insurance, they truly lost everything. Hannah’s father came to Atlanta to pick up contracting work and get the family back on its feet; now the whole family has moved to Atlanta. The Gift of Music foundation replaced Hannah’s flute, and she is now able to play in the band at her new school in Forsyth County.


Honey lives in Union City and is being raised solely by her grandmother. She is an aspiring musician and recording artist, but her true passion is the drums. There is no way that her grandmother could have purchased a drum set for Honey on her own. Luckily, a FISH listener stepped up and donated their drum set to The Gift of Music Foundation, and we were able to set it up in the home of the happy new percussionist.

The Mansour Conference Center is so proud to have this agency in our building! We encourage you to learn more about the Gift of Music Foundation and how you can help bring music to local children.