So it’s time to toot our own horn.  The Mansour Center is a nonprofit conference center.  That alone makes us different.  We aren’t renting our meeting rooms and providing catering and AV services to raise big bucks and share among our owners.  We are actually raising revenue to support The Center for Family Resources in their quest to stabilize and empower low income families so they can reach their full potential.

And in developing the services at the Mansour Center, we made a conscious effort to keep it simple.  Avoid “nickel and diming” our customers.  Provide a true value and a pleasant experience for our guests.  Make it comfortable and “home-like.”

So when we added the beverage services…because who wants an early morning meeting without coffee…we made it simple.  A flat price per person regardless of how much coffee or tea each person drinks.  It truly is a bottomless pot of coffee.

Check out the other venues…the conference centers…the hotels…how many offer bottomless coffee?  My research shows none.  Coffee and iced tea are priced by the gallon.  If you run out, you pay more to have it replenished.  We hate that.  So at the Mansour Center, drink up, and enjoy!  No worries!