Travis Duke Rooms

Configurable To Your Needs

Mansour Conference Center Travis Duke 1
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Travis Duke A and B offer endless possibilities for both social and business events.  The A side is ideal for cocktail parties and other social networking events, while also providing a great training space for up to 100 with its drop-down screen, ceiling mounted projector and integrated sound system.

Travis Duke B, the larger side of our banquet room, will accommodate large groups for luncheons, dinners and trainings as well.  Offering all the amenities of the smaller A side, this room works beautifully for a reception with banquet seating to follow a ceremony or business meeting in the A side. 

  • Contemporary, carpeted banquet rooms with excellent acoustics, adjustable lighting, speaker spotlight, and individual temperature controls.
  • Ceiling-mounted wireless projector connection in both the A and B sides of this large banquet space, with integrated sound system.
  • Both hand held and lavaliere wireless microphones available in both A and B sides.
  • Armless, amply padded banquet seating makes even the longest meetings comfortable.
  • No obstructions of any kind in this large 4212 square feet space.




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