Have you made this call, or maybe are about ready to make this call? At the Mansour Center, we often hear this inquiry upon answering the phone…and unfortunately have to pepper the caller with a barrage of questions before we are able to provide much useful information.  So maybe it would be helpful for you to know in advance many of the details we will need to provide availability and pricing information.

As several rooms of varying sizes are offered for rent at the Mansour Center, the first piece of information needed is the approximate number of guests you hope to accommodate during your event and in what general kind of arrangement you see them being seated. This will direct us to specific rooms, based on their seating capacities in the various room setups.

Once we know the room or rooms in our Center might work for your event, we will need to know the date(s) you prefer along with the time you will need access to the room(s).  At this step, it’s important to include the TOTAL access time…starting at the time you need access to the building and the specific room to set up your materials, and ending at the time you expect you or your facilitator will be ready to exit the room at the completion of the event with all materials in hand.  With this information…the room, the date and the exact time of access needed, we are readily able to tell you if we are able to accommodate your needs and provide pricing information for your conference room rental.