The Snowmaggedon/Snowpocolypse/general chaos of last week resulted in some serious panic moments for one bride, her wedding planners and the wonderful folks who manage the rental of Pleasant Grove Baptist Missionary Church for weddings and such. An email came in through our website on Thursday, January 30, about 8:30pm looking for a wedding reception venue for Saturday, February 1, 2014. It took a moment for it to register…what? A reception venue in 2 DAYS?! Actually in less than 48 hours. This is serious and requires a call back NOW.

In the mess of the Tuesday night commute, unbeknownst to the folks who manage the church, a pipe had broken, and for at least a day or so, water was pouring into the facility. It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon the damage was discovered. No way the wedding reception scheduled in two days could be held there. Pleasant Grove folks sprang into action, searching for a venue to accommodate their bride, and found the Mansour Center, just a few miles down the road. Unbelievably, we were not booked on Saturday and could make it happen.

Friday brought wedding planner and church event coordinators to the Mansour Center where a plan was quickly pulled together with the assistance of Mansour Center staff. By 2pm, we had the tables and chairs in place, the Travis Duke Rooms were crawling with folks positioning tablecloths, centerpieces, hanging lights…and a transformation occurred. By 5pm, the place was ready to receive the bride and groom and all their guests the following day. Our facility manager graciously and eagerly came in on her day off to work the event, provide AV support and assistance, and attend to the many issues which arise when hosting 275+ guests in your “home.”

And it’s a pleasure to report it was quite possibly one of the smoothest and most lovely events to have been held at the Mansour Center. Reports are the bride was beyond beautiful, and the guests, caterer, and planners were truly a delight. And so, anything is possible when caring individuals pull their resources together to “make it happen.” And that is our theme for February. The Mansour Center makes it happen.