What To Look For In A Conference and Event Center in Marietta, GA

Conference and Event Center in Marietta

Discover Mansour Conference Center, a truly exceptional Conference and Event Center in Marietta that’s conveniently located for business meetings, fundraisers, reunions, upcoming weddings, retreats, and other social events. Our gorgeous conference and event center in Marietta provides a beautiful backdrop for any occasion. We have a spacious facility with amenities that can accommodate nearly any group and are thrilled to be consistently ranked among the best conference and event centers in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas.

As with most things, you want to make sure you a venue that’s not only within your budget but also best fits your event needs. The venue you choose will definitely have the largest impact on your event. We know you’ve already imagined the event in your mind and can’t wait to make your guests feel warm, fuzzy, inspired, and special. With a singular focus to provide extraordinary experiences, Mansour Conference Center’s dedicated Event Managers will ensure all your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Versatile Venues and Services

Whether you’re looking to host a private training session or a large conference for your company, Mansour Conference Center in Marietta, GA has the perfect space. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure our corporate facilities and meeting rooms are accessible for all types of corporate functions including executive board meetings, product launches, conferences, retreats, and more. Our conference meeting rooms are equipped with modern state-of-the-art audio-visual technology so our clients can have the very best and most advanced quality equipment at hand for their specific occasion.

We know you’re looking for a venue that will allow you to properly train your employees, unify your guests in time off celebration, and comfortably accommodate your group. Mansour Conference Center is a versatile conference and events venue, open to create the perfect environment that best suits your business needs. With competitively priced meeting rooms and a gorgeous venue with advanced technology, you can treat your clients, guests, employees, or colleagues to an unforgettable event at our Marietta Conference and Event Center.

Celebrate Every Occasion

With our sleekly designed modern space and multi-level entertainment experience, Mansour Conference Center offers exciting and unique opportunities for all occasions. Whether you require a conference venue for a corporate engagement or a meeting room for an intimate dinner, we are the premier conference and event center for all occasions in Marietta, GA.

Sometimes, the mark of a great and successful event lies in the little things that set event venues apart. Not only do you want to see all the details happening seamlessly in the background during your event but also feel that every effort is being made to ensure the success of your occasion. Our superb conference and meeting rooms can be adapted to suit your event.

Escape the Ordinary. Experience Mansour Conference Center

As mentioned, our sleekly designed space in Marietta, GA serves as a distinctive backdrop with exciting and unique opportunities for modern event experience. We are unique venue and a highly secure setting for inspired corporate events, retreats, fundraisers, board meetings, product launches, social events, and more. Our staff is always on reception and can help with any of your concerns or questions concerning our conference and event center in Marietta, GA. Contact us today!

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