We hear this question rather often, and we love telling our story!  The Center for Family Resources (CFR) owns and operates the Mansour Center.  CFR has been helping Cobb County residents facing financial difficulties for 54 years, working to stabilize and empower those families to become self-sufficient.  The Mansour Center provides an important piece of the funding CFR needs to provide these services.

CFR is a 501c3 nonprofit agency whose funding is generated through private and corporate donations, private and governmental grants and earned revenue.  The Mansour Center is CFR’s primary source of earned revenue. Meeting space in the Mansour Center is rented to individuals and groups for social as well as business purposes as a means of generated funds to cover much of CFR’s operating expenses.  These funds also allow CFR to fulfill its secondary mission of providing affordable office space to other nonprofits doing important work in our community.

So, in a nutshell, CFR owns the Mansour Center, which is in fact, simply the name on the building. We are CFR, but with a unique name to recognize the Mansour family, one of our most generous donors.  And we provide funding critical for the delivery of services to families facing daunting financial challenges. Which explains our tag line….

Host a Meeting. Make a Difference!