So, when it comes to hosting an event, be it for social or business purposes, details matter.  When done right, they likely go unnoticed…but forget that small bowl for the discarded sweetener wrappers and coffee stirrers, and within minutes your beverage table resembles the fraternity house’s kitchen countertop midway through the rush party.  Ick.  Sugar crystals scattered about and creamer wrappers oozing the last bit of contents onto the table linen, two or three dripping drink stirrers scattered near the cups.  Not a very appealing sight and not too appetizing either.  All because a simple bowl or container for the small trash items was forgotten.  Easily rectified, but so easily overlooked.

Or maybe the meeting organizer is all over the content of the power point, but never thought to check the venue’s equipment and compatibility prior to the meeting day. When all goes smoothly…nobody notices.  But wait that endless 10+ minutes while the facilitator and venue staff fumble around troubleshooting the issue (which feels more like 10+ hours when there are 30 or more pairs of eyes on you) …and suddenly that detail matters.

Don’t forget the details.  Better yet, choose a venue with meeting planners who have learned from years of hosting meetings and events.  You may do this once or twice a year, or maybe even less frequently.  Meeting professionals will anticipate your needs before you discover them. The water bottle which appears, unrequested, for the speaker just prior to her presentation, the extension cord for the note taker’s laptop charger, a computer and copier for that one handout you forgot to bring, centerpieces to “dress up” the event, adjustable lighting…the list goes on.

Because you want your guests to remember the important stuff…but it might be the little forgotten things they remember.